In 1964 Calvo was one of the first canning factories in Spain to can yellowfin tuna, labelling the tins “atún claro” (yellowfin tuna), a name that went on to become a product category on the Spanish market.

Introduced the new shape of tin to Spain: round instead of oval.

Launched the first Communication Campaign to advertise the brand among consumers, which was a great success.

Launched the advertising campaign “Piltrafilla”, which led to the brand becoming a regular name in Spanish homes.
In the 1990s Calvo brought out its tinned salads.

We sent shock waves through the Spanish market on launching our Calvo low-salt yellowfin tuna. This line of products is designed for people who have either been told to reduce their salt intake or who take particular care of their body and health.

With the backing of the new factory in La Unión, El Salvador, we launched the Calvo line in Central America, going on in only a few years to occupy second place in the market, geographically spreading to 100% of the 7 countries making up the area.

The launch of Atún Claro Acticol (probiotic yellowfin tuna) in 2005 caused yet another revolution on the Spanish shelves as the first functional tuna on the market. This is a product recommended for people with high cholesterol due to being rich in the isoflavones that help to regulate bad cholesterol levels.

Launch of a new creative advertising campaign, “Sacatun”.

Introduction to the brand of a new range: refrigerated tuna hamburgers and sausages.

Calvo enters the Chinese market.

A new, younger and more modern image to suit the new message we wish to convey repositions and redesigns the Calvo brand.
Calvo causes a revolution in the market on launching its new line of ready meals.

Market launch of Calvo’s first yellowfin tuna in Carbonell olive oil. First cobranding of canned fish thanks to our alliance with another leader in the food sector, Carbonell.

Once again Calvo causes surprise in the communication world with its new ready meal promotional campaign, “The incredible roaring stomach”.

Aiming to satisfy the needs of all our consumers, Calvo has a wide range of products including its traditional canned products, unquestionable leaders in their segment, such as tuna, sardines, mussels and squid. Added to this are the products introduced in the quest to become a leading food brand: ready-to-eat salads, ready meals, hamburgers, sausages and pâtés.

All of our products are manufactured according to the ethos of our brand name: we select only the best quality raw material and process them as little as possible to create products that highlight our concern for nutrition and are suited to each target group.
The knowhow of a leader with over 70 years of experience at the service of consumers.